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What is your current team-related challenge that you face?

Monika W. Felicio


I find answers and solutions to problems like:

  • How can we smoothly implement a technological or organisational change?
  • How can we motivate/engage people in their work, organisation, community?
  • How can we get people to take more responsibility?
  • How can we improve teamwork and team collaboration?
  • How can we build more trust within our teams?
  • How can we transform to become a flat organisation?
  • How can we organize our teams to scale up (faster)?
  • How can we prepare our teams to better understand our clients and build long lasting relationships with them?
What is your TEAM-related challenge?

My name is Monika Wojtasinska-Felício. My job is to help you make the change you want happen.

I help people and their businesses to level up - through conscious management and meaningful changes.

I am passionate about people (individual differences), change and development.
I always focus on results over appearances and I love learning.
I'm continuously striving for improvement to better help others.

I created TEAMmatters because I know and deeply believe that that is what really matters in your company. Your team. The way you interact with your team, face people related challenges or how you foster people's potential.
I don't think that every organisation needs an HR department - and I show how to do it. However I believe, that none of the organisations can afford not taking care of their people and that's what I can help you with

My vision for TEAMmatters goes far beyond traditional perception of "HR".

I want to help you and your business operate on a higher level of organisational development. How? Understanding people and unlocking their amazing potential for implementing long lasting, meaningful changes.

I used to work with Monika on many consulting assignments. She is reliable, competent consultant and HR expert with good sense of humor. I appreciated her team working spirit, as well as willingness and consequence at competency development.

Michal Bud-Gusaim Board Member, Head of Transformation at BPI Polska

Monika is very professional and reliable at her work, which she does with passion and commitment.
While working with Monika, I could see how well she integrates HR competences with a deep understanding of business issues, which makes her a very competent and credible partner for the Business Clients she works with.
Monika is always very trustworthy to take on any task.

Paweł Szewczyk Associate Director @ BPI group

Monika is highly knowledgeable and has wide expertise in HR projects (we like to call it People related projects.). It is a pleasure to work with her in several projects at 7Graus.
Her work has a huge impact in our company.
She always comes with new ideas and different approaches to the challenges that we bring.

Rui Marques Co-founder & CEO at 7Graus & NEX


Organizational Design & Development
Change Management
Selling BS
Customer focus


1. Ambition:
To be the first "HR" Partner of choice to support Porto most open-mined Founders and CEOs of small&medium companies with people related challenges.

2. Motto:
To do good things and do them well.

3. Values:

  • Honesty, reliability and effectiveness over appearences
  • Authenticity, trust and respect for diversity
  • Continuous striving for improvement


Organisational change, design&development/ agile transformations

Do you want your team and business to operate on a higher level of organisational development? You are in the right place.

Change management in tech implementations

Innovation is cool but not everybody is an early adopter. How to overcome resistance for your new product and services? I help you manage the people side of your implementation process, ensuring smooth and lasting adaptation of your solution.

Team trust & productivity boost (for local and remote teams!)

I help people rise their self-awareness, engage more in their work and find more effective strategies that are in line with their individual styles- in consequence, creating better conditions for common success.


I don’t blindly implement classic HR practices. I am not afraid of modifying “patterns” to adjust them to your culture or challenge your ideas in the name of achieving your business goals.

I may not do exactly what you'd expect to see in big corporations but I sure do what the best, fastest growing companies do.

Everything I offer is to make your organisation work more efficiently and effectively through conscious management of people, ultimately bringing you more profits.

Creative, agile, entrepreneurial and open-minded environment - it's where I belong and want to work.

WHAT does strategic HR mean to me?

Although I operate in areas of strategic HR (commonly called and known as: Human Resources):

  • I don't treat people as material RESOURCES - in fact I want organisations to be more human.
  • I don't think that every company needs an HR department - and I show you how to avoid it.
  • I don't believe in many traditional HR practices - I have a NO none-sense HR/people management policy.
  • I am NOT a recruiter - however I improve recruitment processes so you hire the right people.


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